Upcoming Events

November 2021

Baroque Orchestra

2021 November

Lectures und Workshop: Historical Instruments & Ornaments – Classical / Romantical Music

2. Dezember 2021

Johann Sebastian Bach’s 5th Suite for Violoncello BWV 1011 and its transcription for Lute BWV 995

10:00 – 18:00 in the Gallery of the University of the Arts, Dechanatstrasse

Students of Hon.Prof. Viola de Hoog and Prof. Joachim Held will perform selected movements from the Suites.

Lectures by Hon.Prof. Viola de Hoog, Prof. Gerhart Darmstadtt und Prof. Joachim Held will complement the program.

2021 December 13-16

Kerzenlichtkonzert Bremer Dom

2022 January

Tage des Basso Continuo

2022 January

Workshop: Alexander Technique for Violinists

2022 January 11-14

Projektwoche: Rhetorik und Klangrede in der Alten Musik

The revival of rhetoric art at the beginning of the Renaissance and its implementation in musical practice shaped the development of our field between 1350 and 1950. From January 11-14, 2022, Lectures, workshops, and concerts will focus intensively on the connection of language, poetry, and music. New findings in theory and research will be discussed in presentations. The implementation in practice of these findings will occur during several workshops with the students and in a final concert by the participants. The team of lecturers consists of leading specialists from the University of the Arts Bremen as well as guests lecturers.

2022 February 7-11

Baroque Orchestra and Baroque Dance

2022 February


2022 March

Historic Brass Studio