Early Music in Bremen

For over 30 years, Bremen has been an internationally recognized center for teaching early music. The Academy of Early Music Bremen, founded in 1986 and the first institute in Germany to offer a complete course of study in Historically Informed Music Practice, has been part of the University of the Arts since 1994. Internationally renowned specialists, who are active on the most important podiums all over the world, teach the next generation of artists here at the highest level. Graduates from Bremen are active as soloists or in specialized ensembles. Innovation and profile building thanks to important artistic personalities from all over the world who teach as guest lecturers at the University of the Arts make studying in Bremen particularly attractive. The proximity to the teachers, the combination of outstanding main subject teaching with chamber music and larger vocal/instrumental formations give the University of the Arts a distinctive character. Students and graduates of the University of the Arts have won numerous awards in international competitions.

Studying Early Music in Bremen

In addition to instruction in the central artistic major, minor subjects such as dance, historical composition, harpsichord, and lectures and seminars in musicology and cultural studies promote the development of students into knowledgeable musicians. The student ensemble “Bremer Barock Consort” as well as the Baroque Orchestra of the Bremen University of the Arts regularly give concerts in Bremen and beyond its borders. Concert tours abroad are also part of studying in Bremen. Even during the course of study, there are many concert opportunities. In addition, interdisciplinary projects together with the Department of Art and Design are at the center of the education at the University of the Arts, which aims to familiarize students with contemporary performance models. The transition from education to professional life is promoted in this way.

Courses of Study

Bachelor of Music
Master of Music – Artistic Education in Early Music
Master of Music – „Arp-Schnitger“ for Historical Church Music
Master of Music – Elementary Music Pedagogy (EMP)
Master of Music – Instrumental and Vocal Pedagogy
Soloists Diploma

Fields of Study

  • Early Music Chordal instruments
    • Harpsichord
    • Historical Harp
    • Lute
    • Organ (Early Music)
  • Early Music Melody Instruments
    • Baroque Bassoon
    • Baroque Oboe
    • Sackbutt
    • Baroque Viola
    • Baroque Violin
    • Baroque Cello
    • Recorder (Early Music)
    • Natural Horn
    • Natural Trumpet
    • Traverso
    • Viola da Gamba
    • Cornetto
  • Historical Voice



Faculty point of contact

Prof. Dr. Christoph Prendl

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