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The InternationalWinterAcademy of Early Music Bremen 2023 is dedicated to the musical world of one of the most pan-European composers of the Baroque time: Georg Muffat.

Being the only known composer who met both Arcangelo Corelli and Jean-Baptiste Lully, he dedicated his life to the dis- semination of musical styles throughout Europe.

In the concerts, lectures, and masterclasses, we invite you to explore the rich musical world of european baroque and become acquainted with the inspiring atmosphere of the Early Music Department of the University of the Arts Bremen.

Georges Barthel, Traversflöte
Susan Williams, Naturtrompete
Detlef Reimers, Barockposaune
Mechthild Karkow, Barockvioline/-viola
Olaf Reimers, Barockcello
Joachim Held, Laute
Margit Schultheiß, Barockharfe
Carsten Lohff, Cembalo
Edoardo Bellotti, Historische Orgel
Benno Schachtner, Gesang
Bettina Pahn, Gesang
Detlef Bratschke, Vokalensemble
Christoph Prendl, Musiktheorie
Esther Dubke, Musikwissenschaft


€ 50 / € 20 (Studierende) / €0 (Studierende HfK Bremen)

Kursgebühr – Aktive Teilnahme

€ 200 / € 100 (Studierende) € 40 (Studierende HfK Bremen)

Kursgebühr – Passive Teilnahme

€ 80 / € 40 (Studierende) € 0 (Studierende HfK Bremen)


31. Dezember 2022

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